The Spirit of Malquia

Book 2 - High Resolution

Although the dark of the Blackwoods banner has been torn from every height in Amatharsus, the horizon remains captive by a sky of black smoke. With the reinstatement of the Crown Aegis, Garreth and Novas are sent north to investigate the reports of Blackwoods insurgents in the outlying towns and foreign ships upon the sea. From the shimmering fields of the Gold Acres, to the silenced mines of Boulderstone, the pair will fight alongside fellow patriots to counteract the vengeance of the Blackwoods that continues to ravage the kingdom. Only when they arrive in Deepshine, home to the leader of the Blackwoods, Lord Vyse, will the Crown Aegis understand the desperate nature of the lord’s plans and the terrible means of achieving them. Even with their people united, can Garreth, Novas, and their allies triumph against a threat unlike Malquia has ever seen?

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Here’s a link to a sample of the novel for your reading pleasure:

The Spirit of Malquia Sample

Here are what some of the readers have said about The Spirit of Malquia:

“The richly tapestried story of the struggle to release the land of Malquia from Lord Vyse and his despicable Blackwoods continues with unabated action and intrigue.”
Mandy Walkden-Brown

“Loved the second installment of the In the Absence of the Kings… the adventures that the main characters get into are nail biting.”
Courtney Hawkins

“The height of the conflict comes more quickly and keeps up an engaging pace all the way through.”
Donna Michaels

“I read this book much faster than the first and I think that is due to the well written battle scenes and since there was a lot to battle there were also lots of great battle scenes.”

“This book much like the first one was captivating, and the characters were so enduring that you feel right into their world.”


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