The blessing of the crystal has provided peace and prosperity to the eight elemental nations of Balance for millennia. From the floating isles of Burez, to the twilight forests of Roshadih, or the shining capital of Centra Vidas, the abundant and ever-restoring crystal has gifted the people all of life’s necessities and wonders.  Arcanists of age-old practices have such comprehensive knowledge that all secrets of this magical world seem unearthed, until now…

Zeph is a mystery to everyone, even to himself. He searches for the familiar, only recognized as memories in the depths of his dreams. When Zeph is offered the chance to venture the whole of Balance, he leaps at the chance to uncover his past, unknowing the truth he is searching for could be more dangerous than he ever imagined.

When unprecedented etheric phenomenon begin to appear all across Balance, Lightsworn scholar Athelia is assigned to investigate their behaviour and true origin. Avalanches, earthquakes, tornados, and firestorms will stand in the way of Athelia and the answers she’s looking for. If she succeeds, she will uncover a secret that will shake Balance to its very foundation.

The Truth of Light and Shadow
Book One of the Crystalpunk Series
Summer 2018

Here’s a link to a sample of the novel for your reading pleasure:

The Truth of Light and Shadow Sample